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Lars Leonhard | Interview on Dekompress

Lars Leonhard | Interview on Dekompress

Praketh Sunder aka BlueOrb recently interviewed German composer Lars Leonhard for his DIY portal DEKOMPRESS which has just been re-launched.  Lars talks about his collaboration with NASA,   [...]

CYGNA [ Opus Ena ] | Ultimae reissue

CYGNA [ Opus Ena ] | Ultimae reissue

Ultimae is pleased to present the re-mastered version of Cygna’s first album [ Opus Ena ] with brand new artwork by photographer Tümer Genctürk. A must for   [...]

12k releases available in our shop

12k releases available in our shop

We are pleased to introduce you to Pound Ridge-based music label 12k with a selection of records now available in our shop. With over one hundred releases   [...]

Music by Ultimae artists on Roberto Miller’s Mandorla film

Music by Ultimae artists on Roberto Miller’s Mandorla film

We’re happy to announce that, while in the process of editing his feature film Mandorla, Roberto Miller already chose tracks by AES Dana, H.U.V.A. Network and Hol   [...]

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