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SINEPEARL |  Cycles Within Cycles Within (Interchill)

SINEPEARL |  Cycles Within Cycles Within (Interchill)

We invite you to discover Cycles Within Cycles Within, Sinepearl's new album released on Interchill. 8 deep ambient tracks with lush landscapes of sound and melody that   [...]

MARSEN JULES | Beautyfear (Oktaf Records)

MARSEN JULES | Beautyfear (Oktaf Records)

The German electronic musician Marsen Jules (Oktaf Records, CCO,12K, Kompakt) delivers one of his most outstanding albums so far with Beautyfear. Mastered by no one else than   [...]

HYPNOTIK 2014 | Eurexpo Lyon | 15th February 2014

HYPNOTIK 2014 | Eurexpo Lyon | 15th February 2014

Max le sale Gosse & Laurent Chanal (Ultimae) will be performing for Elektro System & Dark Dog at HYPNOTIK 2014 with Sasha (Renaissance / Last Night On   [...]

AETHERS 01 |  Second Edition available

AETHERS 01 |  Second Edition available

AETHERS 01 is a unique Sample Library designed by Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana hosted in a deluxe USB Key resting in a metal box. This collection   [...]

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