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WINTER S.U.N. | 27th December 2013 - Budapest

WINTER S.U.N. | 27th December 2013 - Budapest

SOLAR FIELDS (ULTIMAE) will be performing an exclusive gig in Budapest for celebrating Winter. With MIDDLE MODE [TESSERACT - SRB] live, ALPHA [INTERZONE-PA - GER], OMKA [MOKSHA   [...]

Xmas Ultimae Stream | 25th December 2013

Xmas Ultimae Stream | 25th December 2013

Our friends and partners from Psyradio in Ukraine organised a day of panoramic music for Christmas. Follow us on 25th December from 10 am to 11pm CET   [...]

AETHERS 01 | Sample Library by AES Dana - USB Key - Ultimae

AETHERS 01 | Sample Library by AES Dana - USB Key - Ultimae

Available on 18th December 2013 - Ultimae presents AETHERS 01 – the first volume of Audio Samples Library designed by Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA, a collection   [...]

CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS | REFUGE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS | REFUGE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

CBL (Daniel Segerstad & Johannes Hedberg) released the soundtrack for the motion picture Refuge, a suspense-thriller about a family struggling to survive in the wake of a   [...]

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