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Record Store Day | 19th April 2014

Record Store Day | 19th April 2014

To celebrate Record Store Day, we offer one free Ultimae release for all orders of tree (within available stock).This stands for all online orders as well as   [...]

19th April 2014 | We Play Vinyl #07 - Live Station DIY

19th April 2014 | We Play Vinyl #07 - Live Station DIY

We Play Vinyl has been launching parties every 3rd Saturday of each month for all music genres and now for their 7th edition, they are inviting Ultimae   [...]

[ PASSAGES ] | broadcast on DI.FM - 17th April

[ PASSAGES ] | broadcast on DI.FM - 17th April

The Digitally Imported PsyChill Channel will broadcast the newest compilation from Ultimae Records, [ Passages ] framed by Nova. Tune-in at 12pm US Eastern, 5pm UK, 18:00   [...]

Scanner | Electronic Garden (Bine Music)

Scanner | Electronic Garden (Bine Music)

We invite you to discover the latest Bine Music release, Electronic Garden, capturing Scanner in full live mode. Recorded outdoors in the small open air amphitheatre in   [...]

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