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LUFTH | Distanz und Nähe (Oktaf Records)

LUFTH | Distanz und Nähe (Oktaf Records)

We invite you to discover the debut album of German experimental-dubtech and electronica producer Joerg Schuster as Lufth introducing us to his most personal and experimental release   [...]

[ PASSAGES ] | Ultimae Official Teaser

[ PASSAGES ] | Ultimae Official Teaser

Take a look at this beautiful video teaser created by Magnus Birgersson to illustrate our next release, [ PASSAGES ] framed by Nova, available in HD as   [...]

PASKINE | Nimrod (VoxxoV Records)

PASKINE | Nimrod (VoxxoV Records)

It was in the fall of 2011 that Mourad Kachroud and Vinnie Blandin-Canonne had the idea to launch a new french label, VoxxoV Records, which is meant   [...]

Record Store Day | 19th April 2014

Record Store Day | 19th April 2014

To celebrate Record Store Day, we offer one free Ultimae release for all orders of tree (within available stock).This stands for all online orders as well as   [...]

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